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I have been tweeting some Doom and Gloom lately on our Twitter page because I feel something is coming unlike anything this Nation has ever seen. I have tweeted the  chaos will reach out to all corners of the globe by the end of 2012. It’s correct to assume the bad times are sucking me into the gloom. It’s now a global economy so whatever one country does affects all the rest. Take China are arch-enemy as they had devalued the dollar back in August 2011 and if they go any further they will they cut their own throat, by now owning close to a trillion dollars in US Treasury Bills. They could bring the US to its knees without firing a shot but it would hurt them as well. However,  I had tweeted that all these Occupy Wall Street demonstrations would begin to get out of hand here in the US. And, they have escalated their demonstrations to violence, I say that tensions will rise and the violence will get worse than what I had tweeted before this violence ever started here in the US.

The “it can’t happen here”, attitude will be the death of how many? This is actually a sick mentality most Americans have by thinking this way. Presidential hopeful Ron Paul touts doom and gloom brought about by a continuation of how this government spend, borrows and pays its loans back. Is this country is headed for some bad economic times? Ron Paul will never be President but he makes some good points. This is not to be confused with my concept of, would I think he will make a good President? Not only is this idea of an economic downfall coming but look at all of the predicted natural occurrences like earthquakes, hurricanes, tidal waves, volcanos erupting you know the stuff that an earth rebelling will do.  And, then there are a few outer space predictions too for these times all by the plethora of people famous, not so famous, almost famous and those who will never be famous who have had visions about the year 2012. So there we all go in a poof.

So, what to do about all of this gray matter thinking? Feed your brain so that you can make a clear decision on what you are going to do about it.

My diet is going well again. I have stayed out of the restaurants for a week, or more and it is making a big difference. I am back to a 20 pound loss. I did a 4 meal Power Fast out of the 6 meals this week. It helped, also I have used Power Fasting 1 to 2 meals on other days.

I am sleeping better and I love to sleep late. I will wake up early, take a sip of honey from my Honey Bear and go back to sleep. The Honey Bear is a great item to have at work or anytime you are away from home. If its time to eat and you do not have time just sip on your Honey Bear. The extra honey will not give you any weight gain, I promise you it will not, it’s just going to make your brain happy and give you an easy meal. Ladies be extra careful not to spill any honey in your purse because it is very sticky stuff.

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SnoozeU-Lose Diet, Power Fasting

As hunger does not come from your stomach Power Fasting makes perfect sense to a nutritious day of eating. But, where does hunger come from? Not your stomach. Not all that gurgling and rumbling going on as you think that your stomach is telling you to feed it. Not at all! But, where then…and why do we feel so hungry between meals? If you are eating the big three meals a day or maybe two because you do not eat breakfast for whatever reason, eat 6 smaller meals and see what happens. Six meals will make you feel less hungry. Why is this true? Because it’s not your stomach telling you that you are hungry it’s your brain along with your liver, blood circulation, bones, muscles, heart and the general host of cell regeneration needing food to function. Basic biology. I have a built-in conditioning to always gravitate towards the refrigerator like I need something to eat when I am home. I do better at eating 6 times a day while I am not home than when I am home. I feel I should be eating more from my past conditioning of munching, this is another side of my brain telling me to eat, this is not the physical side that is telling me I am hungry.

Now, take this concept of eating 6 smaller meals a day and apply it to a 24 hour Power Fast. Lets say, I get up at 8 a.m. I really try not to but as to set up a timeline of eating 6 meals a day, we will use 8 a.m: Breakfast 8 a.m., Snack 11 a.m., Lunch 2 p.m.,Snack 5 p.m., dinner 8 p.m. and before bedtime the honey recipe.  Eating as late as 7 p.m. (considered late by the conventional standard of 5 to 6 p.m.), will only feed your brain until 2 p.m. The honey recipe pushes the envelope for a longer period of time feeding your brain while you sleep. If I am not feeding my brain by fasting while I sleep then, this not feeding my brain over the years of my lifetime has caused myself some serious cellular damage. Now with the SnoozeU-Lose Diet way of eating I can at least salvage some of the damage by beginning to repair at age 60. Each of the 6 meals will consist of pollen and honey for five to six meals for the 24 hour Power Fast. It make perfect sense having more than the daily required amounts of fruit and vegetables plus giving your brain more than 24 hours of high concentrations of glucose just what it needs. Should you feel hungry? Your brain is being fed, your hunger is a figment of your imagination from a routine not of something like this. And, do not forget to exercise along with the 24 hour Power Fast.

And, do not worry if you think you not getting enough daily fiber requirements. You can easily supplement by taking a natural psyllium husk product that will give you your fiber intake during your Power Fast.

This will be a happy brain day and a nice way to shed some pounds towards your month’s total.

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SnoozeU-Lose Diet, back to basics

Eat more calories than you burn and weight gain will follow, just as the opposite is true: eat fewer calories than you burn and you will lose weight. Sounds pretty simple but is it? Because of the DNA codes no two codes are alike. Ok, so no two people are alike, this is also true for weight loss. No two people will lose or gain weight the same. There may be similarities but, because every person has what may be called a Metabolic Personality (MP) all our own and personalized by our DNA make-up. It’s an individual mix of suitable and unsuitable genes, environment and lifestyles we live with combined with how we were brought up, our attitudes to food, exercise and a plethora of other variables bringing all of our individual uniqueness together.

As a whole we as people love instant solutions. We want that universal pill, fad diet, stomach-stapling, liposuction fat elimination nightmare that is advertised daily in our face by the media to save us from FAT. Because of our own MP it just does not exist. Or does it? It does exist right here in the SnoozeU-Lose Diet in your face and it could not be any more basic than this way of eating for more than just a weight loss diet, it is health and wellness to boot! Basically it is showing us how simple physiology works to our advantage.

Keeping our brain fueled is the key and it’s so easy with honey. There are other foods that have a balance of fructose and glucose that of what is in fruits and vegetables but it’s the honey that has the highest concentration of this dynamic duel in it. What about all those carbohydrates in the honey? This is not a low carb diet. I said you can eat white potatoes did I not? You are a meat and potatoes type of person, good for you eat-up and be happy doing it. And, lots and lots of honey! So, do not starve yourself eat and eat often to keep your hungry brain fueled so it will not send your body into stress mode. Ever hear that stress kills? Well, it does kill people everyday. Do not let it kill you, by using this way of eating to save yourself from dangerous stress hormones.

Health and wellness is what we all are striving for as we age and we all want to do this gracefully by staying away from doctors and hospitals. Even the young want good health. I do not know anyone who wants to be sick except a hypochondriac and they, at first are not really physically ill, it’s all mental, though in extreme cases can become physically debilitating.

I am at a level of 18 to 22 pound bouncing back and forth (more of a weight gain than loss) for the past two weeks. I have been not so carefully eating in resturants lately. Colombian and Mexican establishments, to be exact. I have eaten way too much white rice, fried plantains, chicharron and cheese. Today, I had lost a half a pound so I think the huge tidal wave that was knocking me back up is over. I am back on track.

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SnoozeU-lose Diet, crunching the numbers

Sleep vs. one hour of running on a treadmill everyday and how sleep wins the numbers game by burning more fat the body stores. On average a person will burn about 1000 calories running for one hour on a treadmill but most of those calories will be from glycogen stores in your liver and muscles. Only about 300 calories will come from the body’s fat stores. In a weeks time, only 2,100 calories or a little more than 1/2 pound of fat is burned by running. In the same weeks time it takes to burn these calories running, 6,720 calories will be burned sleeping by taking one or two tablespoonful of honey before bed time. That’s 1.6 times more fat calories burned a week while sleeping than running. A whopping 62% greater fat burning process. Now, by adding a mild resistance exercise program to this process you can have a 50% more fat burning process or 0.82 pounds per week that’s 3 and 1/2 pounds per month of fat burned off. Your weight loss is all fat, not water, not muscles, not nothing else other than fat. Now that is just amazing, all by sleeping!

The benefits of resistance exercising are: improving your posture, make you more supple, trim your shape, tone your muscles, slow down aging, accelerate fat loss, improve your mood, improve your metabolism, cut back stress hormones, increase bone density, relieve arthritic joints, lower blood pressure, aid in low back pain, relieve depression, increase bone strength in older people (like me), improve sleep and aids in digestion.

The benefits of ingesting honey before bed time: better sleep, total reduction of stress hormones, helps hormones repair and restore our body naturally, balances blood sugar levels all night, keeps the brain fueled while you sleep and aids in digestion.

What does all this add up to? Optimum health and wellness!

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SnoozeU-Lose Diet, Nothing fits me anymore

I have never been on a diet that had me looking for a new wardrobe but, because I have now lost 22 pounds, nothing fits me anymore. Last week an acquaintance of mine told me she was not on this diet, that it was not working for her. She had given it three weeks. This is not a fast fad diet, its slow weight loss so do not expect to drop the weight fast. Fast weight loss is very unhealthy for your body. Even though I am at a weight loss of 22 pounds does not mean tomorrow I will lose another pound. It may take me another week or so to drop a pound. Remember it’s a progression of your progress so stick with it and you will lose slowly.

Perhaps the lack of weight being lost is not the diet but it’s your eating habits. Here are some options: Breakfast-8 ounce glass of apple juice, Muesli with soy or rice milk, one boiled egg and low-fat yogurt with fresh strawberries. Or, 8 ounce glass of tomato juice, oatmeal with a teaspoon of pollen and a teaspoon of honey with soy, rice, or skim milk, 1 poached egg, 8 ounce glass of fresh orange juice, 2 strips of grilled bacon on a slice of whole grain bread. In between meal-a small handful of nuts/seeds/dried fruit or, a piece of (any) fruit. Lunch-8 ounce glass of orange juice (not from concentrate), 2 slices of whole grain bread with olive oil spread with tuna filling hold the mayo and lettuce and a cucumber, sliced apple with low-fat cheese or, fruit salad of sliced apple and orange segments, brown rice with lean ham, and a salad of tomatoes, beans and cabbage leaves, 1 multi-grain bar (no added sugar) unless it’s honey. if you can take a 15 to 20 minute nap at lunch this would be beneficial this would give your hormones a little time for repair and maintenance at the mid-point of the day. This would give you more energy to finish out a more productive day. After lunch snake between dinnertime-a banana or 2 slices of whole grain bread with low-fat cheese or honey. Dinner-orange, cucumber, and avocado salad, roast (organic if you can) turkey, boiled potatoes in skins, carrots, onions and butter beans,apricots and low-fat yogurt or, tomato juice, grilled salmon or tuna in sunflower oil with noodles, sweet peppers and butter beans, fruit sorbet. Bed time-1 to 2 tablespoons of honey depending on your weight, over 150 pounds you need more than one tablespoon of honey. Now does this sound like you? If not, can you really expect to lose weight by not eating healthy? Remember that breads need to be whole grain breads. Read the labels, just because the bread is brown does not make it whole grain bread. Stay away from processed anything. If you are used to having an alcoholic beverage after work, stop because this will lower your blood sugar and eating something with the drink will raise your blood sugar confusing your body like having a tug-o-war. If you are having a glass of wine with dinner keep it at one glass and not every night.

If you do not like the taste of honey, mix it into a smoothie or a cup od herbal tea for your bed time boost.

I copied all of the above recipes from The Hibernation Diet by Mike McInnes and Stuart McInnes’ book published in 2006 in London. I have not made up this diet in any way, shape or form. This SnoozeU-Lose Diet is a scientific proven diet researched by these two Scottish authors. I have modified it just a little with my Power Fast and not really following their recipes for eating healthy. I have my own recipes for eating healthy.

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SnoozeU-Lose Diet, don’t try this at home

Do all that I do except weighing yourself everyday. Weighing yourself everyday can and will discourage you from continuing on with any diet, so please do not do this. Right now I am on a plateau, I have leveled off and I am not losing any weight. The good news is I am not gaining any weight. I have not been exercising as I should. I will lose by not exercising but not like I would lose if I had been exercising. Call it lazy or just too damn busy, I have not taken the time to do it. I am at a loss of 22 pounds. I am making good progress, it’s all I can ask of myself.

Here is a simple way to fall asleep if you are like me. I have had in the past trouble getting to sleep even with the extra melatonin the honey gives me. Try this trick. Count to yourself very slowly backwards from 100 in 3 digit increments staring with 97, then 94, then 91 and so on. This works like a charm for me and others tell me it works for them as well, too. It sounds crazy but it works. It relaxes the mind and only once have I gotten to zero, having to start over again. Most of the time I can not get past the 80’s down into the 70’s before I am asleep.

During the day while I am working, I am on the road and I can not stop for lunch at a  7-Eleven. Just kidding, I have in the past eaten at 7-Eleven’s but this is garbage for the most part but they do have fresh fruit like bananas and apples for sale too. I buy at Sam’s Club a carton of Nature Valley crunchy granola bars, they come in three flavors peanut butter, dark chocolate (my favorite) and honey. They are 100% natural and all are under 180 calories for two bars. I will eat one bar for lunch and the other one a few hours later. Nature Valley makes another bar, Trail Mix with fruit & nuts, but I would stay away from this one it has high maltose corn syrup in it.  In general, our main goal is to consume LESS processed foods. Whether the product contains high fructose corn syrup or high maltose corn syrup, know that the product you are buying or consuming is processed, contains added sugars, and that there is probably a better option, like WHOLE foods! I would suggest limiting products with this ingredient as much as possible. As a Nation, we consume far too many corn products. According to Visual Economics website , Americans consume approximately 42 pounds of corn syrup and 56 pounds of corn each year.  Those numbers reflect the corn we consume from ALL foods. You see, corn is used in EVERYTHING and if you don’t believe me, read the book, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollen.

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SnoozeU-Lose Diet, get your beauty sleep

The have purchased Clarins for Men products, they have a great product line for men and women for the skin. A very good product but very expensive. The SnoozeU-lose Diet is far less expensive and even easier than applying these facial creams. This diet slows the aging process while we get our beauty sleep. This wellness for the skin is the body repairing and restoring itself during Slow Wave Sleep by burning our fat stores. Two tablespoons of honey vs. the Clarins price tag. The honey wins by a mudslide.

What is apitherapy you might ask? It’s all those honey bee products for optimum health and wellness. It’s honey, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly, bee venom, bee drone larvae and bee bread. How do all these products that come from flying stinging insects help human beings by providing us with anecdotal evidence? They are often effective in the following categories of conditions. NEUROLOGIC: chronic pain, MS, carpal tunnel syndrome, and shingles pain. RHEUMATOLOGIC: all forms of arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, rotator cuff strain. DERMATOLOGIC: eczema, psoriasis, skin ulcers, wounds and warts. IMMUNOLOGIC: bacterial, fungal and viral infections. CARDIAC and CIRCULATORY: hypertension, arrhythmia, atherosclerosis and varicose veins. BRONCHO-PULMONARY DISEASE: emphysema, asthma and bronchitis. PSYCHOLOGIC: depression and mood swings. ENDOCRINE: PMS, menopause and certain aspects of diabetes. SENSORY: hearing and vision loss. This list was complied by  The American Apitherapy Society, Inc.  Not on this list are weight loss, repair and restorative sleep, stress reliever, slows aging and erectile dysfunction. This wellness has been by Western Medicine made a pariah.

I can attest to a wellness for arthritis, bursitis, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and of course, the weight loss by my use of apitherapy. If it were not for BVT (bee venom therapy) I would be cripple if I just had arthritis alone. I sting myself every week or two weeks apart for these first three I have mentioned. All are said by my Doctors, there is no cure and no medication. There is medication for other forms of MS but not mine, Primary Progressive MS. The medication alone for the other three forms of MS can cost a person upwards to $20,000.00 a year. Because my doctors have no answers and do not even know about apitherapy ( I have asked them), I sting myself for my wellness. Does it hurt to get stung, the answer is yes, it hurts intensely for about 30 to 45 seconds after the initial sting. A small price to pay for not having to grapple with pain, discomfort and a limited range of motion 24/7 from having these diseases. BVT is not for wimps, it’s for anyone who wants to be well. The result is wellness at a pecuniary cost next to nothing. I do not want to be a cripple so, I sting and sting and sting myself. I have an EpiPen just in case I have an adverse reaction to the stings. I am a beekeeper, I get my little stingers from my hive along with other products of wellness. I usually sting myself 20 to 40 times in a session but have done as many as 60 stings, like tonight. For the arthritis and bursitis I sting the trigger points in the areas that are problematic for me. The trigger points are the same as those used by Acupuncture. In the ares of the main trigger points are many other trigger points and can be found by applying pressure with my index finger onto my skin to find the points that I feel pain, I then sting that trigger point. For treatment of MS, I sting up my spine and over my ears on my head. My Primary Progressive MS had at one time effected my arms and hands by making them shake uncontrollably, leaving me to not being able to control the shaking. I do not shake any more do to my stinging myself  so, why would I have to sting myself so often and so many times? I have a lot of problems to be taken care of that need attention. Sometimes one or two stings will solve the problem but, then again it will not.

Not all Western Medical Doctors are benighted about the subject of apitherapy. There are a few who know and use this wonderful therapy. Samuel Wickline, MD, who heads the Siteman Cancer Nanotechnology Center of Excellence at the University of Washington reports,  the toxin of bee venom kills cancer cells. In laboratory tests using mice with cancer, nano-bees attacked the primary tumors toxin melittin, bee venom, while other tissues were protected from the destructive power of the bee venom. Mice tumors stopped growing or were reduced in size. Nano-Bees ‘fly’, landing on the surface of cells and deposit their cargo of melittin, which rapidly merges with the selected tumor cells, have shown that bee toxin is led to the cancer cells, where the act, makes holes in the internal structures of these cells. Melittin is a small protein or peptide, which is strongly attracted to cell membranes, where it can form pores that disrupt the cells and kill them. The researchers attached the main component of bee venom to a nano-spheres to which they call nano-bees. The melittin has been of great interest to researchers because in high enough concentrations, can destroy any cell that comes into contact with it. It is an effective antibacterial and antifungal, and potentially an anticancer agent, reports Paul Schlesinger, MD, Ph.D., associate professor of cell biology and physiology. The report on the effectiveness of the use of these nano-bees against cancer in mice were published on 10 August in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Well, I guess I got away from my diet. It’s so damn simple and easy to do. Eat right (healthy), exercise by using resistance to the muscles, eat 6 smaller meals a day and ingest two tablespoonful of raw and unfiltered honey an hour before bedtime to sleep peacefully. Do this and you too will slowly lose weight that is our fat stores. I have lost 21 pounds. I will continue to log my progress as I blog about wellness from apitherapy.

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SnoozeU-Lose Diet, had Jim Fixx known about this…

Jim Fixx was an olympic runner, but he died young. Maybe heart surgery would have saved his life had he had it but, being on this diet may have also saved his life. The argument may be that he had heart disease, his father died younger than his son of a heart attack. I have never read anything referencing Jim Fixx being on a diet such as the SnoozeU-Lose Diet. Nor, anything about him using any type of apitherapy. Having optimum health and wellness, having a body that can repair and restore itself like a finely tuned machine is just what Jim Fixx needed. It’s what we all need to keep us well. As I have said, “if you are not sick, you are well”.

This is the way to eat for life, to get our body to burn its fat stores and to get the restorative sleep for the ultimate in health and wellness. It’s all about the wonders of honey, an apitherapy marvel.

The other day, I Power Fasted for my bedtime brain fueling then again in the morning for breakfast. I ate lunch having a chicken sausage, orange juice, one scrambled egg with purple onions and spices. My snack, I Power Fasted again. Supper consisted of fresh ocean tilapia fried in extra virgin olive oil, asian vegetables steamed with that sauce that comes with these frozen vegetables I buy from Sam’s Club. My next snack will be the three berry frozen fruit also purchased at Sam’s Club and two tablespoons of honey. Because this snack will be around 9 or 10pm and I will not be going to sleep until 11pm to 12am, I will eat some more honey just before I go to bed, probably another tablespoonful. I keep a small 8 ounce Honey Bear on my bed stand. Sometimes if I wake up very early and know I am not getting up, just wanting to sleep in a few more hours. I will take a few sips on the Honey Bear to make sure I have fueled my brain for this portion of my extra sleeping time, before I final get up to eat breakfast. It is very important to keep the liver stocked to feed the hungry brain. The brain can not store its own energy it must eat continually. The brain is a silent crook who is robbing the body of its wellness when it can not get anymore food from the liver, then the brain begins to feed off of what it enjoins, the body and its energy stores. We abuse our body by sleeping without a properly fueled liver, going on starvation diets, fasting, not eating breakfast, and by not eating enough meals during our waking hours to keep our liver fueled. Not the three meals I was brought up eating but the six smaller meals.

It may well be that if Jim Fixx had used this diet he would have lived a longer life. And, maybe he would have discovered all the wellness associated with apitherapy. I have discovered many and I am discovering more all of the time. As I have mentioned before I have been diagnosed with many illnesses that I treat with apitherapy, it’s working wellness for me and works wellness for all the others who make use of the wonderful powerhouse of health, the honey bees.

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SnoozeU-Lose Diet, it’s a dirty water world

I had mentioned I drink distilled water and I would like to talk a little bit about distilling water to drink and cook with. Distillers are reasonably priced if you are looking around for a good one, plenty of them on Google.  In the County where I live they tout that the tap water here is drinkable, I could not believe this line of bull. When I received my distiller I ran some tests. First, I distilled the “safe to drink” tap water. What was left in the distiller was a small amount of water as brown as what is pictured here in this blog. Next, I filtered the tap water being distilled. The result was the water was brown but a lighter brown. Then, I ran some bottled spring water through the distiller, the water left over was yellow. Distilling your water gets rid of all the harmful garbage chemicals the water department put into the tap water to make it drinkable. The bottled spring water was transformed into a better alternative source of drinking water. I still use filtered water to be distilled it is easier on the distiller when it comes to the cleaning part of owning a distiller. Drink lots and lots of water with this and any diet. Distilled is your best choice for your water source.

After three and a half months of eating not even half way healthy. I caught myself eating in a few restaurants, I consumed candy, I have not eaten organic for the most part and Perdue Chicken is not organic, I did drink enough water, I ate an oh God did that tasted good cherry pie, and I ate, even drank honey, oh yes, have I ever consumed lots of honey.  Still, I managed to have dropped 21 pounds and because of the way this diet works on my biology, I know it’s all fat. I have 15 pounds to go and I am looking at myself in the mirror and I see it in my face and neck, the difference 21 pounds makes.  I am going to reach a good weight, for my frame and height. This will be 180 pounds, 5 pounds below my target weight of 185 pounds. This 5 pounds is for the occasional cherry pie.

As I sat here staring at the computer screen thinking about what I would write next, I exercised. I took my 8 pound dumbbell and did a series of bicep and shoulder movements continually for 20 minutes. I have bursitis in both my shoulders. I was diagnosed one and half years ago. My Doctor told me no cure and no medicines other than pain relievers. Six to eight  months ago I began using another apitherapy wellness method by stinging my shoulders and upper arms with honey bees. This is what is refered to as bee venom therapy (BVT). Today, my range and motion is 90% better in my right shoulder and 98% in my left shoulder. BVT jump starts your own immune system and increases blood circulation. It works for me. The pain in my shoulders was unbearable at times. Not being about to reach in any direction without feeling some varied amounts of pain. Now, the pain is very little, getting less and less as my reach has been restored to almost normal. Amazing? No at all, its biology designed by God to make us healthy though the use of honey bees and all of the products they make. It’s damn simple.

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The SnoozeU-Lose Diet, the skeptics are coming out of the woodwork

Skeptical? I will bet you are. Lose weight while you sleep, come on what kind of bull is this now? What is the catch? I was asked. I am not selling anything. I do not have a video telling you all about this diet for its optimum wellness just to try to get you to subscribe to some monthly newsletter. No money will exchange hands, this is free information for all of those who want it. I learned of this through my contact with apitherapy and beekeeping. Beekeepers live longer lives and in fact they are the second longest living profession. I am a beekeeper so I should be here long after you are gone. I am just sharing the solid scientific information I have researched. I am living it along with another director and co-founder and we are both losing weight. I  too am a co-founder of the charity that this blog is connected to and well, I do like to share good things with people. Ultimately the “catch” is optimum health and wellness for anyone who wants it. Now, who wants optimum health and wellness? I know we do.

This is such an easy diet to be on. Why, last night I ate for dinner two small boiled white potatoes and two eggs cooked  sunnyside-up at 7:30 pm. Since when has any diet included white potatoes? You have heard that the starch and the carbs in white potatoes are so bad for weight loss. Yams, eat the yams, they are better for you, everyone touts. There is your line-of-bull, the duplicity . So, eat the white potatoes, all the white potatoes you want. Sorry but no french fries or anything fried. Did you know that frying chicken destroys all nutritional value in the chicken meat, not to mention all the, “bad for you” fats in the oil and chicken skin. And salads, where are the salads in this diet? They are there if you like salads, I just do not want to eat salads more than every once a awhile. I have in the past been on a salad diet. It was boring and I had to give up so many foods.  Last week I ate nearly a whole cherry pie in three days. Yet, I have lost 18 pounds and, I slept it away. This is no bull, it’s simply biology.

Tonight, I will Power Fast as I am starting to climb off that plateau of leveling off. This is the phase which I am not really losing and not really gaining. Did that cherry pie have anything to do with this? Almost a whole pie and no weight gain just a leveling off period, now that is amazing. I want to, by morning, lose a pound.

Before, I go to bed tonight I will have some frozen blueberry, blackberry and raspberry fruit topped with my two tablespoons of honey. This will fuel my liver to feed my brain while I get optimum restorative Slow Wave Sleep and burn my fat stores. I will wake up tomorrow with more energy than if I did not fuel my brain and I will get the added bonus of slowing the aging process from the restorative sleep. And, who does not want to slow the aging process besides plastic surgeons? Plus, I know I will not get all the destructive stress hormones from starving my brain in the middle of the night that are destroying my ultimate wellness.

I have now lost 20 pounds.

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